What we have for your business

We offer competitive terms as well as volume purchase agreements for our customers.
Whether it would be difficult to find, obsolete or end of product life, Asesa Electronics has the contacts and sourcing to find and deliver the correct parts to our customers in a timely manner all at competitive prices. The purchasing department has relationships established with most of our suppliers whether domestically or internationally, this enables the best possible prices for each component.

ASESA Electronics offers a number of standard solutions for inventory management and reduction.


Excess Management

Lot Buy: For the customers who would like to sell their entire excess inventory at once and remove the product from their books, warehouse etc. Consignment inventory: Customers can send us a list of the product that they like to remove from their inventory. We would then market the product worldwide through our vast network of customers and Internet-based sites. We presently have hundreds of customers in our database and we will market the product to this extensive list of customers. This is a slower approach than the first solution; however, in some cases, it may yield a better return for customers. Line buy: In this option, customers can send us a number of items that they like to remove from their inventory. We would then bid on each line item separately. Customer in-house-consignment: In this solution, customers can keep the inventory in their warehouse and we would market the product as we would in option number two above.

Are you facing any kind of shortages?

ASESA ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. has the supply-chain expertise to quickly resolve your shortages.

Shortage Management

ASESA Electronics understands the importance of shortage elimination and our highly qualified team are ready and capable to quickly source electronic components from around the world. From the first point of contact, each customer is assigned a dedicated account manager who will handle component sourcing and logistics to ensure that your production lines remain in full production mode. We employ the identical practice for obsolete and End-of-Life material, therefore, providing our customers with the best solution for all of your supply chain requirements. Whether you are facing any kind of shortages, like obsolete, or end-of-life electronic components, semiconductors, and other hard to find electronic components, ASESA Electronics has the supply-chain expertise to quickly resolve your shortages. Any supply delay by another supplier or increase in production may lead to shortage issues and possibly the risk of a line down situation. We can definitely try our level best to eliminate the stress of shortage situations and deliver the solutions you require, thus removing disruption to your production lines.